Our airfreight staff attaches great importance to customizing the booking process for our customers. That’s why we strive to find the air freight solution that best suits your needs. We’ll ask you when the freight is available, what the required delivery date is, and if there’s potential to save on time or cost. Your answers to these and other questions help us decide if you should book the air freight as direct. We’ll also see if our sea-air service is a better solution for you.

We pride ourselves on providing the best transport and shipping services currently available in Australia. Our skilled personnel, utilising the latest communications, tracking and processing software, combined with decades of experience, ensure all freight is are shipped, trans-shipped and delivered as safely, securely, and promptly as possible. M&S can ship your goods anywhere in the country.

The Challenge

With manufacturing and distribution channels in literally every major market around the globe, and competing in an industry that is understandably zealous about supply chain management, was seeking a logistics partner capable of performing on a truly global scale. The service partner envisioned would not only be required to design and deliver on a model that would help contain costs.

The Solution

Such a commitment from a company of size and complexity, to globally integrate and standardize processes and manage logistics in every geographic theater, spoke volumes of the organization’s commitment to aggressively managing business costs.

The Results

People are the engine of success. Global Project Leader Export/Import stated, people at every level recognize the value of a partnership and the importance of working collaboratively. Working as one team, we’ve been able to focus on attacking costs, improving customer service, and managing continuous improvement across all aspects of our operations.